COVERAmsterdam – Attention SuperTrash admirers! The first edition of the SuperTrash Magazine is out now! If you hurry and subscribe you will receive an amazing SuperTrash dress and 4 editions of the magazine. Or go to your nearest SuperTrash stockist to get your magazine. Let’s celebrate!

The first edition of the SuperTrash magazine is all about London & celebrating. For me London is definitely the greatest city in the world. Giving you a small recap of the city wasn’t easy, so we decided to visit them all and choose wisely. Which meant visiting four or five clubs at night. What punishment! The result: the best city guide ever for all London lovers.

Our London tour ended with a fabulous shoot featuring new IT girl singer Pixie Lott, who signed on to do our exclusive campaign. You can read all about it in our interview with Pixie.
Love Olcay


P.s. Did you visit our webshop? www.supertrash.us/webshop

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