On the setAmsterdam – After booking big success with the SuperTrash collection, me and my styling team decided to come up with a complete new line called: ‘The Edge by SuperTrash’. A small, contemporary fashion collection of the latest trends. Especially there for the woman who always rules and never follows…

After finishing the looks of the collections we decided to put everything together in a Helmut Newton way of shooting. This talented photographer surprised the world in the seventies with his controversial way of combining nudeness, glamour and fashion into his pictures. Alright… back to the shooting. So I started early that morning in a cosy studio in Amsterdam. We booked this beautiful and upcoming model called Ylonka. Our stylist Roel Schagen completed the look with feathers, sequins catsuists, ultra sexy lace and very feminine hats. A little bit of Paris’ richness and elegance in downtown Amsterdam. Lights on, camera on, model sharp and shoot!
Sneak Preview
Sneak Preview
Make-up and inspirationimages
On the set
Check out a little sneak preview of The Edge collection and watch out for our brand new fashion glossy at the beginning of November for the complete shoot…

XOXO Olcay


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