Blogger first date looksMet het rijzen van de temperaturen buitenshuis wordt het ook binnen vaak een stuk heter. Het is nou eenmaal zo dat door mooi weer, korte rokjes en lange zomeravonden gevuld met wijn, de hormonen enorm gaan gieren. En met een beetje geluk resulteert dat in een serie spannende dates…

Als je er eentje op het oog hebt die ‘het’ wel eens zou kunnen zijn, dan wil je natuurlijk wel een goede indruk achterlaten tijdens die eerste date en kleding speelt daarbij een belangrijke rol. Nog voordat jullie elkaar voor het eerst nuchter de hand schudden heeft hij je immers al zien aanlopen en dus ook besloten wat hij van je outfit vindt.

Wij dachten dan ook dat inspiratie voor eerste-date-looks van de ‘professionals’ niet overbodig zou zijn. Een hele rits blogsters deed gelukkig graag uit de doeken wat zij aanhadden op de allereerste date met hun huidige vriendjes (of zelfs echtgenoten). Je leest het hieronder!

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    Grasie Mercedes van Style Me Grasie: "When my now husband and I went on our first date about eight years ago, he was in town visiting L.A. from NYC, and I was 'showing him around.' I took him to my favorite Mexican restaurant and wore skinny jeans, a vintage Stevie Nicks T-shirt (turned out we are both huge Fleetwood Mac fans), and ankle boots. I keep it casual because we were 'just friends' going out for tacos and margs. Cut to the next day when we were professing our love for one another and figuring out how we were going to make a long-distance relationship work. Ah, the magic of tequila and a concert tee!"
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    Geri Hirsch van Becaus I'm Addicted: "I remember like it was yesterday! I wore ripped skinny jeans, a Marni for H&M silk jacket, and Isabel Marant pumps. And now that we're married, I basically still wear the same thing on our dates."
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    Christine Andrew van Hello Fashion: "Our first date was a lunch date on a workday, so technically I was rocking my work uniform, but I guess there’s something about a polo and khakis he couldn’t resist, because I got another date out of it. For our first non-work date, I wore a little black dress. You can’t go wrong with black."
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    Gabi Gregg van Gabi Fresh: "On our first date, I wore a multicolor pastel body-con dress from H&M. It was a day date, and I remember thinking it was sexy without being too much. It definitely made an impact, because he can still describe it five years later!"
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    Nicolette Mason van haar gelijknamige blog: "My first date with my now wife, Ali, was in the first week of January a few years ago. It was an unseasonably warm day, and I remember exactly what I wore from head to toe. It was a variation of a uniform I wore a lot at the time. I wore a J.Crew button-down chambray shirt with a pleated leather miniskirt. I paired it with opaque black tights, an army-green parka, See by Chloé boots, and topped it off with a polka-dot Marc Jacobs scarf. I remember texting two of my best friends, Jesse and Taylor, pictures of my outfit to get their stamp of approval because I was so nervous!"
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    Devon Cruse van Devon Rachel: "On my first date with my husband, Chandler, I was really into scouring the world for vintage finds. Thinking back, I wore one of my favorite vintage floral strapless dresses. Obviously something worked, considering we never stopped hanging out! It had to be the dress. Ha."
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    Danielle Bernstein van WeWoreWhat: "Our first date was a Milky Chance concert at Bowery Ballroom. I wore Aritzia leather leggings and a vintage tee—casual but effortlessly cool."
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    Annabelle Fleur van Viva Luxury: "Our first date was almost 10 years ago, but I still remember every little detail! I didn't know where he was taking me beforehand, so I played it safe and wore a pair of skinny black jeans, a fitted white blazer, and the highest pair of red patent pumps I had in my closet! We ended up going to a cute little Italian restaurant on Sunset Boulevard and then took a stroll on Melrose. My feet were on fire by the end of the night, but it was totally worth it because our second date was the next day."

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