NEW LAWSUIT: Fendi komt je halen! Amsterdam – Fendi is het zat! al die nep Fendi tassen die maar worden nagemaakt van de echte. Fendi stopt er even goed geld in om al de retailers die de tassen verkochten te grazen te nemen.

“It is trickier to go after the importer than after the final retailer. The importer has no assets here, as it mostly operates offshore. Our impression is that a great majority was manufactured in China, shipped to Italy and transshipped to the U.S. with fake invoices using fake business cards.”

Dit weerhoudt Fendi er alleen niet van, want ze zijn al bezig om stiekem ook de importeurs te pakken te krijgen.

“We have people in Brussels, Washington, Beijing at the LVMH level, and Fendi itself has staff in Hong Kong, Rome, New York, Paris and Tokyo providing additional monitoring. Add all that up and we’re talking 30 to 40 people, which doesn’t include prosecution, which [comes under] a separate budget.”

Don’t mess with Fendi!


(Lucie Hoopman)

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